A Purpose In My Life

I'm sharing this story on behalf of myself and my friend, Christie. I bought the Strength Giving Key for Christie on her thirtieth birthday in February 2016. She was due to have her baby in July. I had a baby in 2015 and knew the amount of strength that's needed to grow and deliver a baby. She is already a strong person, but I knew a Giving Key has the power to strengthen your body and mind. She had her beautiful, healthy baby and began the next chapter of her life. On Christmas Eve, she sent me the best Christmas present by sharing her story of how she gave her Giving Key to a little girl. She wrote me her story, and so I'm going to share her words:

"As you know, the whole idea of The Giving Keys is to pass it on to someone who needs it more. Well, recently I have been thinking a lot about a past co-worker, who I'm still friends with. Her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia this past summer. I came across the key with Strength imprinted on it, and it just clicked! I knew I had to send it to her! They are going through so much, and her daughter is such a fighter! Thanks for the Giving Key, Jacks, I got what I needed from it, and now it's in someone else's hands who needs it more than me."

Needless to say, I couldn't have gotten a better Christmas gift this year. I felt so uplifted that I actually impacted this little girl's life whom I don't even know. So, thank you, Giving Keys, for allowing me to feel a purpose in my life. You are changing the world one key at a time.


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