A Reminder to Be Kind

At the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, my dad became ill. Months had gone by, and my dad lost weight and his body became weaker and weaker. I am a care aide and had no problem taking the time to help my dad; however, the doctors appointments and blood tests became more and more frequent. I started burning out after a month of working from 7am to 11pm (for my employer and then seeing my dad on top of that).

My dad was diagnosed with an aggressive Lymphoma after a student doctor insisted on testing due to signs and symptoms presenting themselves. Initially, there is shock and my first reaction is always action and "what can I do to help?" My goal was to get my family on board and we could take shifts caring for my dad. My brother took 6 months by taking a compassion leave. Honestly, he was my lifesaver, because I would have lost all my energy if he had not shown up. We endured 5 months of testing and doctors appointments together with my mom by our side and dad just going through the motions. 

Sadly, my dad lost his battle with cancer on October 3, 2017 right at midnight after a rosary done by my sister in law (for Catholics, this is considered a HUGE blessing). About three weeks after my dad died, I had this unbelievable urge to contact a friend (Khale). I had not seen or heard from in about four years. I had a message on Facebook from him that I never answered, so I finally answered and apologized for not getting back to him and told him what happened. He said, you do not need to apologize to me, then told me his father passed at the end of July from cancer. Now his mom is ill, so if I can send a word to this person it would be KIND. 

The phrase "be KIND" seems to come up for me a lot and really resonates with me. I see this phrase everywhere! The reason for KIND being passed to my friend Khale is just a reminder to be kind to himself as he tends to be his harshest critic, thinking he isn't enough. If he could see himself through my eyes, he would see himself as KIND!


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