A Season of Peace

I received my key with the word PEACE in February 2015, in a season when I really needed that encouragement. I had recently moved to the other side of the world, was "finding my feet" in a new city, new team, new church with a new language and culture. This key was given to me because my leaders at the team saw that I was someone who brought PEACE to those around me. In a season when I was seeking to also find my PEACE, it was encouraging to know that I could still be someone who brought PEACE to others. This key has encouraged me many times to find my PEACE from within and from God, and to also be someone who brings it to others.

In June 2017, I sensed that it was the right moment to pass on this key. One of my best friends was going through a difficult season with many unknowns in her life, in work and in her personal life and she was struggling to find PEACE and guidance in what she should be doing and finding direction in her life. I felt like this word would be a great encouragement to her, as it had been to me, to find her PEACE in who she is, and to trust in God that He would guide her future and that this would also bring PEACE to her situation. I hoped that this would remind her of where to find her PEACE in the difficult moments as well. She was grateful for the present and it was even more special knowing that it had been mine and that I was now passing it on to her for her next season.