A Special Friend

I learned about The Giving Keys while shopping in Pittsburgh. I'm from Los Angeles and never heard about this company. I was amazed to hear about it. I wanted to pick up a gift for a friend that I was going to stop and visit in Denver on my way home. The word "Love" came immediately to my mind. I met this person a few years ago, we lived near each other for only a few months but bonded like we've known each other forever. Ironically, I met her husband first. She has two daughters. The youngest daughter has special needs and requires a lot of care. I've never heard this mom complain; she is always positive. She's able to balance her busy life with a smile on her face. She's the type of gal who loves getting friends together for a BBQ or small talk. Her smile is infectious. The minute you meet her, you love her. I gave her the Dainty Love Bracelet. She will definitely continue to shine her love on everyone who crosses paths with her. I love my friend Dana!