A True Warrior

An incredible man by the name of Frank came crashing into my life a few months ago. As much as I tried to keep him at bay he just wouldn’t allow it and in a relatively short period of time, became someone very near and dear to my heart and one of my most favorite people.

Recently he bounced back from a rocky couple of years and then unfortunately received some devastating news regarding his health. He has become withdrawn and scared of the uncertainties the future holds. I wanted him to have a tangible reminder that fear has two meanings forget everything and run or face everything and rise. And so I bought him a key with the word STRENGTH engraved on it because I know he has the strength and will to overcome and to fight this.

This man was a collegiate athlete, he was a marathon runner an iron man tri-athlete. Not only that but a tremendous father, friend, partner….a true warrior in every sense. And my hope is this key will serve as a reminder of the warrior in him and the fighter I know he is.