A Whisper For Healing

I don't recall how long it's been since she had to say goodbye to Allie. And in my self-centered world, busy with my own life and my own children, the details of the week God allowed Allie to stay in her life have escaped me.  

I remember the thrill of Allie's arrival. Then, concerning news of unexpected medical issues. Quick updates of time spent at the hospital, visuals of a mom and dad holding onto tiny fingers, prayers said for healing, strength, and finally... peace. These I remember.

What I continue to feel is incomparable heartache for this daughter of a friend, a friend who is dear to my heart, whose own heart has broken through her own daughter's heartbreak after losing a child. What I feel is the excruciating pain for this same woman, this daughter of a friend, for going through this tragedy ... again.  

This time, the loss occurred within the first trimester - not full term.
This time, the physical signs were evident.
Does any of that matter??

This woman lost her child.
She has lost her children.

All I can offer this woman, this daughter of a friend, is my gifted Key of STRENGTH.
A whisper for healing.
A prayer for peace.