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Arielle Kebbel's Future Is…

Arielle Kebbel's Future Is…

BALANCE When we create BALANCE in our lives, we create a strong foundation for ourselves. And when we feel strong in our foundation, we can accomplish anything. Sometimes I struggle to BALANCE my own needs with the demands of everyday life.  I find that when I feel off, it’s because I’m not truly balanced from the inside-out. BALANCE is about being willing to slow down and ask, “What am I doing too much  - or maybe not enough of? Am I giving that critical voice in my head too much room? Have I been kind to myself? Have I been kind to others? Have I treated myself to something nice lately? Have I treated myself to too many nice things lately?! Where am I putting my energy this week? Am I comparing myself to others? Am I comparing myself to where I was a year ago?” And the list goes on. I feel like asking myself to create BALANCE in my life will help ground me during the craziest of times. I would love to hear how each and every one of you create balance in your lives. What does that look like for you? Where do you feel balanced already? Where do you need help balancing things? Do you know someone that could use a BALANCE key?   One day at a time. One moment at a time. That’s what I’m learning. Sending you all love and BALANCE. - Arielle

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