Bailey Uhler x The Giving Keys #LoveIs

Bailey Uhler x The Giving Keys #LoveIs

What does LOVE mean to you? 

Love is such a beautiful powerful thing. Love is having someone to call at your worst and best moments. No matter the reason they would be there for you. Love can come in so many ways. A lot of people would associate love with a romantic couple but to me it’s so much more then that. Love is the things that make you feel you and make you so happy that life doesn’t feel real. Love for me is my family. My friends. My dog. My hometown. My God. Lake Erie. And so much more that makes me feel like me.  

What is your love language? 

My love language is Quality time. When I get to spend time with the person I love, it means a lot to me. I miss people very easily and always wish I could be near my favorite people. I love doing fun stuff and “boring” stuff with my favorite people. Just going for a walk or going for a car ride means a lot to me.  

When you think of love, who is someone in your life that comes to mind? 

I actually think of two people, both being my brothers. My brothers are my built in best friends and at the end of the day I know we always have each other. I thank God for them every day because without them life would be way more boring! 

Share your favorite way to show someone you love them. 

My favorite way to show my love is simple things like making sure someone got home safe, telling them I miss them, wanting to spend time with them, and sharing things I see that remind me of them!

What word is on your key? What does it mean to you?  

The word on my necklace is “Faith”. I chose this word because faith is a big thing for me. It is how I live my life every day. I have faith in God, and I know he has faith in me. He loves me so big and that gives me all the faith in the world. I struggled with anxiety for many years and the one thing I always tried to remember is God is in control. 

Tell us the story of how you have passed on your key or how you plan to pass it on. 

I currently have the “Cross and Mini Key Necklace- Faith” and I wear it every day. It is my favorite jewelry piece because it reminds me that God is the key to Faith. I plan to pass on my key one day to someone who needs the feeling of faith in their life. My key has helped me every day and I hope to help someone else by passing my key on! 

Bio: Hello!! Bailey Uhler here! I am 21 years old and currently live in Ohio. I love Lake Erie and spending my time on the water in the summer, mostly paddle boarding with my dog! (My dog loves to paddle board). I love to travel and want to be able to say I travelled to all 50 states one day.  

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