Beautiful Moments

I had kept telling myself I would keep my necklace for a year then give it away. Today that all changed. I went in for my very first job interview and man, was it amazing. The lady had showed me around and asked me some questions. At the end of the interview I was offered the job and I accepted. We then went on just talking about ourselves and this lady asked about my necklace. (She is a close friend to my mom and my mom had told her that I wasn't going to give it away lol) I told her about it and then she told me about her foster kids and how she came to get them. It is a very sad and heartbreaking story. I asked her how old were the kids and how many boys/girls. The kids are 12,11, 8, and 2 months old. They are 3 boys and 1 girl.

Once she had told me about their story, I went to take my necklace off and she began to cry. She couldn't believe it. I went to take it off and put it in my hands and told her I wanted her daughter to have my necklace. She cried and insisted that she couldn't. I told her I really feel like her daughter needs it more and gave it to her. She put it on and said she was going to give it to her daughter as soon as she got home.

My mom passed by and saw me hand her my necklace and instantly broke down crying. It was such a beautiful moment


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