Being Brave to Pursue Dreams

School has never been my strong suit. I was always turning things late, barely passing my classes. My teachers were always supportive and encouraging me to continue. At one point, they told me I should transfer to my home highschool (I was going to an option school with a rigorous program: IB) since it would be easier for me. I am 1 of 10 latinos in my graduating class. I was didn't want to be another person to drop out of the program. I had one teacher that was always there for me when I was having problems in and out of school. I completed the IB program.

On the day of my graduation, he gave me a necklace with BRAVE engraved on the key, saying that what I did proved that I could do anything I wanted and that it was okay to take my time. I'm going to college with the dream of becoming a nurse to help others.