Believe In Hope and Miracles

I was given a Giving Key that said BELIEVE from a friend who knew I was struggling with secondary infertility, and I was having a difficult time. She was given the Key because she was also struggling with infertility and when she got the Key she was pregnant! She wanted it to remind me to BELIEVE in hope and miracles. After receiving the kKy, I did some self reflection and tried to accept my reality. I decided it was time to pass along the Key to my friend who lost her daughter to Trisomy 18. Even though I am still struggling with my infertility and have very hard days at times, I felt like it was time to remind my friend to BELIEVE in her own strength and the kindness of others as she grieves the death of her daughter and tries to continue to move forward in her life. It is amazing how the thoughtfulness and kindness of others can remind us that no matter what we are going through, we have support and love from others. This Key brought me hope, love and forced me to BELIEVE again. I am hoping it does the same for my friend.