Believe There Will Be A Day

I purchased the necklace for myself because I BELIEVE things happen for a reason and that you have to believe from your heart that things will work out.

My youngest daughter and I have not spoken to each other going on 7 years, we were so close at one time. I miss her so much and my grandchildren, it breaks my heart and we live in the same town. But I do BELIEVE there will be a day, I pray every night that my prayers will soon be answered.

I handed my necklace down to my oldest daughter, her son my grandson will be leaving for college in a few days and she is having a hard time. I do BELIEVE that Trent will follow his dream and make his mom and dad proud. I told my daughter that I BELIEVE Trent will be OK and that every day will get better for her. It's so hard letting him go, been there done that and it's all part of growing up and life itself.