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Blessed Beyond Belief

I had received the necklace as a gift, during a time when I was struggling with severe depression and social anxiety. I was afraid of myself and everyone else; I felt stuck. That key had hung around my neck for a little over a year...until today.

Today I volunteered at a soup kitchen, which is something my anxiety and fear of new people would have kept me from a year ago. Today I met a woman that donates her time to the soup kitchen, only to turn around and have to eat there. Her husband passed away in a tragic accident a little over a year ago, and she lost everything. She packed up her life and her two kids, on her own, and drove until her truck broke down- which is where she now lives.

I was supposed to meet that woman today. I am blessed beyond belief to have a roof over my head, and people that support me when I need it most. Ms. B is fearless and she needed someone to tell her that.


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