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Blessed To Have Found Each Other

We live in two different suburbs and attend two different school districts but found each other through our love for art and creativity at Art camp last summer!

On the third day of camp I forgot my bathing suit. Frances generously lent me her extra suit (her mom always has her pack an extra (smart mom) even though she just met me and did not really know me). 

From that day on, we did everything together at camp. After camp we stayed in touch (with the help of our moms). We've had many "firsts" together such as going to our first Charity Ball and also boutique shopping on the Elmwood strip. The first store we walked into we saw The Giving Keys on the counter. We LOVED what the keys stand for and that they help to employ the homeless. My mom bought us each our first Giving Key necklace and she bought herself a Giving Key bracelet. 

I saw on your website that you were debuting the BFF necklaces! I asked my mom if I could get one for Frances and I. I call her my Best Friend Frances. I gave Frances her half yesterday. Frances is not only my BFF but she is having to endure a painful procedure (that started yesterday) over the next 8 months so I thought this necklace would cheer her up. We LOVE that the necklaces represent more than just "BFF"s and we are blessed to have found one another life long friends!


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