Bring Blessings To More Lives

A couple years ago I was struggling at my job. It is the type of job where you must pay your dues, and then eventually it gets much easier, but this can take years. I heard about The Giving Keys and thought it would be perfect. I decided to get one for myself with the word PERSEVERE on it. I wore it every day. When work got especially difficult, I would wrap my hand around the key, take a deep breath, say a quick prayer, and get back to work. Eventually, I was finished paying my dues, and the job got easier. Since I no longer needed the key, and it was such a blessing to me, I decided it was time to pay it forward. I gave the key to my sister, Crista. She had just had her second child and now had two children under the age of three. Both she and her husband were working full time. In addition to that, she has struggled with micro-seizures. Doctors can give her medication to help, but they still manage to creep up every now and then. Needless to say, with an infant and toddler running around, this can be dangerous. She was going through a tough time dealing with all of this. So, I passed my key on to her and she told me that it has been a great blessing in her life. I told her that if she gets to the point where she feels she no longer needs the key, that she should pay it forward again. I can only hope that this key brings blessings to many more lives. I plan on buying the Pay it Forward key set and gifting them both. I love The Giving Keys and pray you all keep doing such great work. God Bless!