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Continue In Strength

My best friend was diagnosed with Auto immune Hepatitis (liver disease) her freshman year of high school. This being so rare in a girl her age, she wasn't suppose to live for much longer. Her freshman year was an intense year of being under a microscope; doctors trying to find a cure. However, she beat the odds, being the fighter she is! For the best four years she has been taking steroids, which allowed her to be physically "okay" and be a normal teenager. 

This past year, the odds have not been in her favor. Taylor has just recently had trouble with her liver. She underwent a biopsy a little over two weeks ago and the results did not come back the way everyone was praying they would be. Although she does not need a transplant, she is changing her medication completely to see if this will boost the stability in her liver. 

Today I bought the Strength key for Taylor's 19th birthday. This woman is a beautiful, intelligent, loving, remarkable, woman of God. She is so incredibly strong and will continue to defy the odds. I love you Taylor!


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