Courage Inside

I have spent 27 years in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage. It took years and several attempts to finally safely leave the family home, and my daughter followed me. Soon after that, I learned that she was angry at me for years, because I was forced to take back her father into the home when she was 9 and she resented that; I felt weak for having let her down.

Last summer for my birthday, my best friend gave me the Courage key, which I wore to court and every time I felt I needed strength when facing my former husband.

My daughter is graduating high school this week, barely scraping by as she continues to be manipulated by her father for the past two years as we deal with a messy divorce. I found the courage to apply for jobs across the country and in two weeks I move far away from him and start a new life; my 17 year old daughter decided today to move out there with me, to try to find work and a new life. I am passing this necklace on to her on her graduation day, as a reminder that we have courage inside of us and we just need to believe.