Dare To Dream About What Comes Next

My sister always used to talk about wanting life to be like a Fairly Tale. Her 2 children (now grown) are amazing people with big hearts and smart minds who care more about others than themselves. While she had a great hand in raising them to be who they are, so did their father. Tragedy struck their family 3 years ago, in June, when my sister's husband and their father passed away unexpectedly. Their lives changed in an instant... they were devestated.

My sister struggled greatly - they were married for 30 years... 30 YEARS! She had to figure out not just to live with a hole in her heart and without him, but how to do all thing little parts of daily life he managed (you know taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, paying the cable bill). It was really hard on her, but she tried her hardest. We used to talk about taking life in 5 minutes increments to get through the hour... slowly it became about getting through the day... then the weekend... and then the week and so on.

While she is now able to look back on their lives and realize it wasn't perfect - she knows they had something special. How does one top that - they think about the next chapter of the Fairy Tale. So my Giving Key to her is DREAM.

I am challenging her to dare to dream about what comes next - not to compromise because it feels hard and to keep believeing in her dream and live her Fairy Tale!