Dreaming For The Future

I received my Giving Key from a co-worker during the holiday season in 2016. She knows my life well and knew that I was on a journey of dreaming of what to do with my life. The key kept me focused on graduating college (at 50+) and finding the next direction, as well as pursuing my dream of singing at Jams as a hobby. I graduated with a 3.89 GPA in May, started singing and have been offered to sing in bands, and have discovered that my next venture will be Life Coaching. I have recently passed the key on to a friend, as I feel I've reached the goal I was meant to reach...for now ;-)

My friend is dreaming of a new direction and a new life. She is struggling with depression and a bad marriage, and is dreaming of the strength she needs to move forward and change herself, her direction and her life. I dream for strength and courage for her as she journey's forward in this challenging period of her life. I hope her dreams come true.