Embrace Her Dream

I've spent my life protecting and taking care of people.

This year has been one of great change for me. I lost my brother in January, my job in February, and my mom in March. After searching for answers and direction, I decided to take a sharp left turn in life, and I got my Real Estate license. I believed that I could help people to achieve their dreams and change their lives.

Today, a young woman came in for an appointment. She had a tiny baby and her father with her. She told me that she was going through a divorce, but she wanted a home for her baby to grow up in and she wanted her father to have a home too. She was trying to achieve her DREAM. And at that moment, I felt the need to give her my bracelet. I wanted her to embrace her DREAM, keep it close to her, and never give up on it.

I will do my part in seeing that her DREAM of a home comes true, but today I gave her the gift of knowing that she has someone else who believes in her DREAM too.