Empowered To Be Fearless

In June of 2016, I was in a Nashville bar bathroom, and as I waited, someone in line asked me about my cardinal tattoo. Which I went on to explain that it was in memory of my daughter, who I lost at 36 weeks gestational. I have always heard that when you see a cardinal it means an angel is visiting you, and that is why I decided on that to honor my daughter.
As, I was finishing telling my story another woman approached me telling me she overheard my story and wanted to share her condolences. She herself was wearing a Fearless Giving Key and asked if I knew what it was. At the time I did not. She explained to me that she was given the key by a very good friend of hers as she was going through a very difficult divorce. She felt that the key had served its purpose with her and wanted to give it me to empower me and remind me how fearless I was. This experience of pure selflessness has lit the pay-it-forward spark within me, and I plan on passing my key on to another in need when the time comes.