Eternally Grateful

I recently gave away my "Inspire" Giving Key that I received at a music festival I went to in Las Vegas. When I was told that I could pass it along and pay it forward, I knew EXACTLY who I was going to give it to.

Marie D. has been working with LBGTQ and Homeless youth in NYC for more than 20 years. Marie knew of me before she even met me (because of an ex- boyfriend who would cry to her about me) and when I did meet her, little did I know she'd grow on me and be a part of my life from then on. 

Marie has always been loving, caring, understanding and most importantly, she's been tough on me when I needed it . She has seen me struggle in the streets without a job, homeless, and pregnant, getting into drugs and not knowing what to do with life. I myself come from a rough background (I lost my mom at 11 to an overdose and bounced from home to home). But as I mentioned before, she's been tough when I needed it. She has been a more of a friend than anyone can ask for, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a mother because I grew up without one and she always said my mom sent her in my path to watch over me 

Marie has been such a positive influence in my life throughout the years I feel like I could never repay her for her love and guidance to put me on the path that I am on now. Although I feel that she doesn't get the credit she deserves because not only she inspires and loves me as one of her own, (she calls me one of her kids) she treats all of the kids that she comes across equally no matter what and when I see her work with youth and how she exhibits the amount of love and compassion that she does, I say to myself that the world can use more people like her around.

I honestly cannot think of anyone more deserving than she is. I think the world of this woman and I will be eternally grateful for every single moment of her time she has given me and everyone else that's crossed her path. God truly has sent me an angel. Thank you Marie!


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