Everything for LOVE

Everything for LOVE

I received a “LOVE” key necklace as a gift when I was mid-way through a three-plus-year infertility journey as a single mom.

I wanted nothing more than to give my daughter a sibling, and it wasn't nearly as easy as I naively thought it would be. After 12 IUIs, 3 failed IVF transfers, a second-trimester twin loss, a surgery, another failed IUI, followed by another failed transfer, I finally (finally!!!!!) was pregnant with my take-home rainbow baby!

A fellow infertility sister gifted me this necklace, I wore to it all of my appointments and was wearing it when I finally met my son. The necklace and its message were with me through one of the toughest periods of my life, and I truly believe it helped focus me and keep clear the reason I was putting myself through everything: for LOVE.

Since my heart is now at peace and I have all I could ever dream of, I have recently passed it on to my daughter's kindergarten teacher. She has been the first-ever non-family member to care for and truly love my child. My daughter trusts her and admires her and these things are simply invaluable to me as her mother.

When I look at her teacher, I see calm, I see strength, I see kindness, and I see LOVE. I am hoping that his necklace will bring peace to her heart and help her on whatever journey she is currently embarked on. She deserves it so very much. "Alis volat propriis" - She flies with her own wings.