Everything Will Be Ok

Well about this time last year I found out that I had Stage 3 Melanoma cancer. I had 4 major surgeries within 3 months, while having to travel 3 hours back and forth to the cancer center they put me in. When this all started my girlfriend at the time got me a key that said "Positive". I didnt really know what to think of it at first but it all just sank in one day and just that simple little word on that key changed my whole mind set about everything I was going through. It just made me look at the positive in every situation now because things could have been so much worse. Every doctors visit or surgery I had I made sure I was wearing my necklace. I would just look down and hold the key and say "I got this".

But as time went on my girlfriend and I separated and went our different ways. Well she got herself into situation that just wasn't ideal for her. She's a very positive person but I knew it was going to be tough on her at some point. I told her that I wanted to meet with her because I had something for her. So we went to dinner and caught up and at then I told her even tho her and I separated, I will still always care about her and want to make sure that she is ok.

I told her that necklace helped me a lot when I was going through my whole cancer treatment and that it meant a lot to me. She has the biggest support from her family but at the end of the day SHE was the one that was going through it. So I took my necklace from around my neck and said "you're going to need this more than I do" and to "hold that key close to her heart and know everything will be ok". My time with it was up... she needed it more than I did and I hope it means something to her as it did for me.


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