Faith Gives You What You Need

A week before Christmas 2016, I went to visit a very close friend of mine. We grew up together and have been best friends since age 11. Her mother recently passed away and she had just given birth to a third child. We exchanged gifts, and she gave me a Giving Key with the word Faith on it. I thought it was such an amazing idea and began thinking of who to give the key to moving forward. I did not know that the person would present themselves to me. My boss came to work crying about a week ago. Her sister had been struggling with brain cancer for several months. She had received a call that her sister was not doing well and would possibly not make it. I knew at that very moment that she needed my key more than I did. I took my necklace off and draped it over her neck. She left to go with her family during this time. She called later that day to let us know that her sister had passed on.  
Sometimes, Faith is not always what you want to happen. It is having Faith in something greater than you are to give you what you need when you are having a rough time. It gives you peace in time, and helps to guide you through life. It is believing in something more than yourself and knowing that things will work out like they are supposed to in the end. Sometimes that means saying goodbye before you are ready, not getting the job you really wanted, or facing struggles within your life. It also means gaining something better than you expected, receiving positive affirmations when you least expect it, and gaining love when you think you deserve it the least.


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