Faith In A Small Bag

I am now a patient at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. In the room next door to me is a young man in his very early twenties that I noticed while being transported down for tests.

When he had the chemo cut we all share, locks falling to the floor, his face was very serious with fear and worry written all over it.

He's so young and has so much life to live. I felt compelled to let this kid know that he is in my thoughts and prayers, even if I am a stranger.

I hope holding it in his hand gives him the very STRENGTH that I received. My transplant was a success. I had developed a condition with kidney failure, but am on my road to wellness.

It would be great if every individual who walked through the door of Oncology were to receive this little key with the power to do so much.

If you are reading this and know someone special who needs STRENGTH, just know that these keys pack a lot of faith in a small little bag!