Faith When I Needed It Most

I was given a key on my birthday. I struggled with moving forward after a break up, with the person I love most in this world. Our break up was caused by instability and anger towards each other, because neither of us were getting help we needed (I have OCD, PMDD, depression and obsessive thoughts of mistrust; he had anger caused by always being questioned). I needed faith to hold on, to keep going, and to be patient because I wanted for us together . One of my dearest friends gave this key to me, and it helped beyond belief; she saw I needed it and gave it to me. Six months later, he and I both grew and healed. I got better help and medications; he worked on anger. We are together, and it has been almost a year since. His father has developed cancer, and it has progressed. His father and mother have both decided it may just be over. She and I do not see eye to eye, and she has a hard time trusting me still because she saw how unhappy her son and I were before. She needs to have faith that the doctors know what they are doing, and have faith that her husband, the man she loves most, will survive this. Her heart is breaking. This will be her Mother's Day gift from me. Her heart needs to continue to fight and have faith in whatever will give her strength through this time and to give herself and her husband the hope they need, because sometimes a positive out look can change the course of things. Thank you to my friend for giving me faith when I needed it, I have it now. So I hope passing it on will help this woman as much as it helped me.