Fear Less

After buying my key "fearless" I began to literally fear less. I began to have more faith.

I had to go to the doctor and get an MRI and the morning of my MRI, I was praying and I pictured a woman who had dark hair and a red blouse. I'm began to think I needed to give my necklace to this woman whom I might possibly soon meet at the doctors office. I took the necklace polished it really nice and put it in this black box. I decided that if the Lord really wanted me to give it to this woman then I would see her there at the doctors office.

I did not know if I would see a woman with a red blouse and black hair, but sure enough when I looked around the waiting room, I saw a woman with that exact appearance. I fearlessly proceeded to go and introduce myself to her and tell her how I felt inspired to give this necklace away to her. She began to tell me that her daughter was dealing with health problems. Her daughter was there because she had had some heart disease. I did not actually meet her daughter that day, but I gave her the necklace and told her to please share with her daughter that now it was her turn to fear less. 

Later, I wished I still had my key necklace. When I went to a Bible study at church, I began telling a woman what had happened with my key. She was wearing a gold key necklace. I started telling her that her key was so beautiful. Her key said 'breathe'. Once I told her what had happened she slipped her necklace off that said the word 'breathe' and gave it to me.

It ended up that my daughter desired the necklace and she wore it to help her with the stresses of life. We often spoke of remembering to breathe. With him several months of wearing her necklace, her father side only suffered from a stroke which took his life unexpectedly. My daughter kept that key necklace on and it reminded her to keep her faith and to keep breathing. If I had not given away my key, she would have not gained hers. I am thankful for the Giving Keys.


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