Fearless In Love and Life

I bought this for a woman I know that is completely and utterly fearless. She is my sister-in-law. Her fearless journey started probably long before I met her, but from the beginning (when she started dating my brother), I knew there was something special about her. I have watched a nineteen-year-old lady grow into an amazing woman. Kristen is the mother of three boys. The first brought to her by her marriage to my brother and then two more to follow. Through thick and thin and all the testosterone in their household, she still endures on. She has made it through a gastric bypass surgery and every little detail that you must do the two years prior to having the surgery. Because of the surgery, she had some hair loss, but she put on hat and smiled and went about life. She is always the person that will think of everyone else first, above herself. She approaches life as fearless, not because she does not have fear (because we all have fear), but because she has the faith that no matter what is causing the fear, it will change someday. I love this woman and thank her for showing me how to be fearless in love and fearless in life.