Finding Strength

I was given a Giving Key with the word Strength on it shortly after my Dad passed away. The bracelet often reminded me to stay strong and to have strength in the Lord. I had two friends who also lost their fathers not long before and after my Dad. I wasn't ready to pass my Giving Key along yet, so I purchased them both one with the word Hope. I wanted them both to have hope that everything was going to be okay! I also wanted them to have the same little reminder that I had. Six months later, I found out that one of my friend's mothers had decided to stop her chemo treatment after years of battling cancer. My friend told me numerous times that she wanted to be able to be strong for herself, as well as her mom. When I spoke to the friend that gifted me my Strength bracelet, I found out that she  had received one from the same person I wanted to give mine too! I knew then that it was all in God's plan. So, tonight I am passing my Giving Key along to a sweet friend who is helping to care for her mother. I truly believe this will put a smile on her face and in her heart. I pray it helps to remind her to be strong!