Forever Hold A Place In My Heart

I have been friends with Heather for over 28 years. We lost touch and then found each other again on Facebook through a mutual friend. Over the years, we have followed each other's lives and saw what we each went through in life – some good and some bad.

Recently I saw that she was engaged, and was so happy for her that she found someone that loved her the way she deserved until I saw her story last week where she wrote about her key, how she got it, and what she had just went through. I messaged her, told her how sorry I was for what had just happened, and let her know that I was there if she ever needed anyone outside of her usual circle of friends.

I immediately went to the website and was about to order a personalized key for myself when she told that the keys didn't work that way. She then asked for address. I wasn't expecting anything. I was in shock when she said that she was ready to pass down the key to me and that she felt like she fulfilled the meaning. I was so touched that I was speechless, and wasn't going to let her to do it. She insisted and I gave in because I knew how much it meant to her. I knew then that she was stronger and she was definitely FEARLESS to say the least.

This girl that I have known since middle school has passed down something that will forever hold a place in my heart. Sometimes Facebook is a good thing, as it brought her back into my life at the most unexpected time. God just knows when we need someone, even when we don't know it ourselves.

FEARLESS is our word this year because we have overcome the most incredible obstacles. We have more love and support than we ever thought possible. Who knew that a simple key could give us such a superpower. Wearing something that some might seem so simple makes the most impact in our life. I am so blessed and so honored to have received this from such a strong woman.


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