From The Moment I First Saw Her

I liked her from the moment I first saw her. She was different: a bit of a wild child, smart, absolutely hilarious, gifted, and creative. She's fiercely independent and can work circles around most men. And, oh! She's also the prettiest girl that I have ever laid eyes on.

But as life would have it, circumstances wouldn't allow me to date her and I could only like her from a distance: a crush. As time went on, she moved away, leaving me to think about her often and keep tabs on her as best I could from three states away. Then one day, years later and as luck would have it, she showed back up in my life by surprise, and she was even more beautiful and amazing than I had ever remembered! She had grown to become a mother of two very special children. But she wasn't just any normal mother, of course. She was the type of mother that was born to be a mother.

I fell for her even more and I promised myself that if I ever got her, I would never let her get away again. When we are together, it's like the rest of the world just stops. Nothing else matters but each other. I would do anything for that girl. But, again, as life would have it, she was not mine to be had. I tried and I tried, but I only pushed her away and eventually, she began to tell me to LET GO.

I bought her the LET GO necklace for the meaning of her telling me to LET GO, but I also pray for her to LET GO of the anger that she has for me now. In my desperate attempts to not lose her, oftentimes I wasn't a saint, and I upset her. I pray that she can LET GO of hurtful things in her past that scare her away from falling in love and keep her from ever trusting her heart to someone. I pray that she can LET GO of the fears and insecurities that keep her in a "just tough it out" status, and the fear of public opinion should she choose to go her own way. She's so much smarter and stronger than she could ever imagine. LET GO.

-Tiffany's Forever Crush
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