Give The Gift of Hope

Give The Gift of Hope

I bought my Giving Key when my heart was still mending. Perhaps I'm just a hopeless romantic, but instead of giving up and hardening my heart in fear that it would it break again, I chose LOVE and optimism and kept it open. The key was a daily reminder that love was within reach and around me daily if I only dared to believe.

Not too long after I bought they key I allowed myself to be part of a beautiful relationship filled with love, trust and mutual respect and kindness. Ironically, when my heart broke, it was broken open, allowing me to be present, to be appreciative and to give and receive love equally–an experience I am forever grateful for.

Today I gave my key away to someone very dear to me who is on the brink of losing faith in love and whose heart is still healing. When I gave them they key and explained the story behind paying it forward, I witnessed a spark of hope return to their eyes.

I am very grateful for this company and the charity behind it, but I am mostly grateful to be able to give the gift of hope to another being in the midst of despair.