Gratitude Every Day

Today I gave away my Gratitude Giving Key, which received from my fabulous friend Jill last month. All the glory to God almighty who orders our steps. God ordered my steps all the way to the end of a long dock; a dock I wouldn't normally be on at 3:30 in the afternoon. That's where I met a young woman who was cold and crying and contemplating ending everything. After holding her, praying with her, breathing belief into her, reminding her how much the Lord loves her, finding a hidden dream in her heart and getting her back into her coat and shoes, I said good-bye. We both agreed that somehow in the future our paths were destined to cross again, and she would get to share all about her successes. I had only walked about 20 feet from her when I knew I was to give my GRATITUDE Key to her. So I turned around and did just that and asked that she make the very first thought of everyday a thought of Gratitude.  

In GRATITUDE to God.  
We are so very blessed.