Grief, Healing, and Restoring

We had just returned from a trip to visit our son in Texas where I had purchased my RESTORE key in Waco. Both boys had moved out of state this year and I was experiencing "empty state syndrome". I was overwhelmed by the thought of returning to work on Monday and the difficulties that had escalated there, so I wore my key for the first time. We were fostering two kittens from our local SPCA and one of the sisters passed away suddenly from distemper.

They recommended euthanizing the remaining kitten because the disease is so contagious. As a nurse, I am trained to deal with the critically ill, so we brought her home and started a strict, intensive, pallative intensive care routine. Her health started to improve, but she was struck with a terrible respiratory infection, so I rushed her back to the SPCA.

As I was waiting for the Veterinarian to examine her, I heard two girls who were very emotionally distressed in the lobby. The sobbing and wailing went on for some time, and I was driven to intrude. Their perfectly healthy cat, that they had for almost two decades had suddenly been struck with paralysis from the mid back down and had to be euthanized. Their cat could have been the kitten's mother they were so alike in coloring. The girls were inconsolable.

Without thinking I removed my new necklace and handed it to the older girl. I explained the story behind the key and comforted both girls before leaving. My little patient received several more medications and treatments. She has made a full recovery. It was heart breaking to witness the sorrow that those two girls were experiencing and I hope that the RESTORE key helps them through their grief and healing.