Here's To Hope

In 2013, my daughter was born with a condition called Craniosynostosis. When she was four months old, she had to have a major surgery which consisted of taking apart her skull and reconstructing it to release pressure and allow room for her brain to grow.

In the days leading up to her surgery, we coincidentally met other families whose kids were also born with this condition and had very successful surgeries. They gave us so much HOPE, and thankfully our daughter had a successful surgery as well.

Fast forward to now. I've had my HOPE necklace for a few years now. A few months ago, a fellow mom reached out to me on Facebook. She lives in Florida, and I live in West Virginia. Her daughter was also born with Craniosynostosis, and they are preparing for surgery. I've spent the last few months sharing my experience with her and answering her questions – all the same ones that I asked 4 years ago. It's a nerve-racking time, and having support and encouragement was so crucial for me, as it is for her as well.

I knew it was time to pass on the necklace. I had embraced my word, and it was time to pass that HOPE in tangible form to her. It's her turn to embrace it. Here's to HOPE, from West Virginia to Florida.


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