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HOPE Comes From Above

Was out with some friends and bumped into a high school kid and started chatting about life issues. He shared how he almost went to prison and how he had to write the judge a sorry note of some kind, so he could give it to him before being judged. He told me he looked up and asked God to help him and how truly remorseful he was for what he did and also asked God to forgive him. This young man kept looking at my HOPE key around my neck. He shared that the day he went to court he was let go with just having to serve probation! He was so thankful for the HOPE for his future. At that moment I knew I was to give him my key. I told him that this HOPE key was meant for him as I placed it over his head, I told him never to give up and always remember that his HOPE comes from above.

- Kimberly

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