Hope During Baylor's Journey

When I was 24 weeks pregnant, the doctors told me that my baby had a brain condition called Alobar Holoprosencephaly, meaning only 2% of his brain formed and he was given a 3% chance of survival. They confirmed Baylor's diagnosis with an MRI after birth, but he continues to defy the odds every day! When I received my necklace today, we were at the Children's Hospital being monitored for Baylor's sodium levels.

Today I met a beautiful couple: complete strangers who complimented my daughter Brynlee on her big hair bow. Typically we say a big "thank you" and move along, but today was different. It's like the lord told me to turn around and make eye contact. We started to make small talk about why they were here at the Children's Hospital and she told me how they adopted a sweet boy that's in the NICU. I just happened to be wearing Baylor on my chest in the carrier during our conversation, so I told them some brief history on Baylor.

Our conversation continued and I learned that they also adopted their 2-year-old daughter and struggled with infertility. As our conversation finished up, she told me she wanted to give me the necklace she had around her neck. It's called a "Giving Key." She told me the lord has given her a baby through adoption and she wanted to give me HOPE during Baylor's journey. 

Holoprosencephaly is abbreviated as HPE but the "o" is added for HoPE! 

I may never be able to pass this key on to the next person due to it being so special to me. I want you to know that, when I sat down tonight in my room, I held this key and I cried the big nasty ugly cry because the lord placed me in this moment today to show me just how selfish I have been! I ask the lord everyday "Why Baylor and why my family?" I was reminded that, although Baylor's condition hurts and I may never understand why the lord chose me for this job, I was blessed to carry him in my belly!

I was able to feel his kicks, listen to his heartbeat from my belly, and give him life. Some women may never experience that.