Hope for Change

HOPE. Four letters with so much meaning. I received this key from my best friend Korey this past Christmas because I suppose she could see that I was losing it, hope I mean. Both of our mothers passed away earlier this year and there is something about a girl losing her mom, no matter how old, that sends you reeling. 

Additionally, the politics of the past year has prolonged the grieving process for me to the point where I am finding it difficult to imagine a world where women will be treated with respect. Where my fourteen-year-old daughter will feel unafraid to speak out in support of what she believes. Where character is measured by truth and good deeds, love and sincerity, and basic human decency. This is the world where I’d like to raise my children. And perhaps when I see a glimmer of our newly elected officials moving toward the grace and dignity befitting their positions, I will regift my key to someone who needs to once again believe in change. One can only Hope.