I am enough, I have enough, I do enough

For as long as I can remember, I've had anxiety and felt like I wasn't ENOUGH. It's always loomed over me, whether it was school, work, boyfriends, looks, anything.

One particularly rough day, I felt like I couldn't go on and came across the saying " I am ENOUGH, I have ENOUGH, I do ENOUGH." I read this over and over again, and it helped. For the first time in years, I felt like I wasn't drowning in my own anxiety, like I was worthy. A day later, I went and got the word ENOUGH tattooed on my wrist. I wear it as a reminder that I do not need to question myself or listen to people's negative comments.

People have often questioned why that word and why it's so important to me, but it's so deeply rooted that I see no reason to open the conversation up. I just smile and say "because I will always be ENOUGH."

I've always seen The Giving Keys and hoped that they would come out with the word ENOUGH. When I saw you could customize them, I was overwhelmed with joy. I gifted a key with the word ENOUGH to myself because its has such a deep meaning for me and, every once in awhile, we need to treat ourselves for just making it through another day.

I will eventually gift it to someone who I feel like could be going through the same struggles as me. I am so excited to encourage someone who may need it more than me. I will forever have my tattoo but the key is such an amazing thing to be able to share.


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