I Finally Found My HOPE

My life has always been a constant up and down. As much as I enjoyed the highest moments, I always knew the fall wasn’t far away. And every time I fell harder than I could have ever imagined.

I met my current boyfriend during one of the best moments of my life. Our relationship evolved quickly and nobody could have predicted it, but he was the reason my ‘up’ prolonged. In the back of my head however I knew that the greater the height, the greater I would fall. After everything I went through, every high and every low, I knew the next fall could completely break me. It didn’t take long for him to realize that something was bothering me, so I started telling him about my fears.

He was kind, understanding and begged me to tell him everything about my most devastating moments. He wanted to help me, he wanted me to be happy. I explained to him that I could never tell him when I felt like drowning in a pool of lost hope, tears and uncertainty. As soon as my life went downhill again, he was there for me without even realizing it, and I somehow survived every single fall. All that remains are a few scars on my heart that he heals every time, and he makes me smile. And I smile whenever I see him.

In one of my worst moments so far, I revealed my emotions and instead of ignoring me, running away or laughing at me he gave me HOPE. HOPE that I will survive, that I will start breathing freely again, that there is a tomorrow I can enjoy without shedding a single tear.I finally found my HOPE in this stupid but lovely idiot that I am proud to call my boyfriend.

I owe him the world and he doesn’t even know what he has done for me. He deserves this key more than anyone I know. If he ever feels like drowning, as if there is more bad than good in life, he will look at this key and remember how much HOPE he brought into my life and how much HOPE he deserves.