I Was Amazed By Her Strength

One year ago I met a woman named Chelsea, who was in a local women's recovery program I volunteer at. Her life was a total mess. She had no home, she had no job, she was addicted to drugs, and she had lost custody of her children. The climb of this mountain of recovery from drug use and poor choices was going to be long one for her!

Yesterday she graduated from her one-year program sober and with a job, a donated car, a renewed driver's license, restored custody of her children, and an apartment to move into! I presented her with a Giving Key that said STRENGTH. As I witnessed her amazing transformation this past year, I was amazed by her STRENGTH as she persevered to reach her goals. As she held her key and cried, I told her that she will continue to need STRENGTH for the days ahead.

I love giving these keys to my graduates. I am so proud of her and she inspires me to stay involved in this ministry and continue to cheer on these women. Funny thing is, the key I wear that was given to me says INSPIRE. How incredibly cool is that?

Thank you to The Giving Keys for the privilege of paying it forward.