I Just Needed to Believe In Myself

About a year and a half ago, I purchased the BELIEVE key for myself. I was looking for a job change and had a lot of feelings going back and forth while I was making my decision. I knew what I needed and wanted to do. I just needed to BELIEVE in myself and BELIEVE that I was making the right decision. 

I made the decision to leave my very safe job with all the benefits that are hard to find with a job these days, follow my passion and see what happened. Taking that risk was a big one, but one that I have never regretted taking. Today, a little more than a year later, I have never regretted my decision to quit something safe that was drowning me when I believed that there was a better life waiting for me if I just followed my passion so I could thrive!

I haven't worn the key in a few months, but I hadn't found the right person to pass it to. That was until about 2 days ago. A coworker of mine came up to me and asked how I did it a year ago, how it affected me then, and if I was happy with my decision now. I explained that I was happy, that I was so glad that I made my decision, and that I have never regretted it. Through our conversation I realized that she is in the same boat I was in a mere year ago!

I went home, thought about it, and knew she was the next person to receive the BELIEVE key. I hope it helps remind her that she must always do what is best for her, BELIEVE in herself, and be a happier, more fulfilled person, the same way it has made me feel.

So today I pass along my key. Janet, you've got this! BELIEVE in yourself and make your world a beautiful one!