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July 25, 2016

If You Believe

I received a Giving Key necklace with the word "believe" on it for my graduation from a friend of mine. It's pretty cool because, at the time, I needed to believe, believe in myself and the direction I was going.

About a week later I met a homeless man on the beach after I had watched the sun come up. We talked, mainly about him and his story. He told me he was religious and it's all he had to hold onto because his girlfriend was doing time for heroin possession and he had nowhere to stay, he didn't have family to help him or a job to get him on his feet. I knew I crossed his path for a reason. I talked to him and gave him some encouragement, but before I departed from him I knew I was meant to hand him over the key.

I explained to him the meaning behind it and I told him I believe in him and every time he looks at the key around his neck it's a reminder that if he believes it'll all be alright. I explained that he is supposed to pay it forward and give it to someone when he feels they need it more than him. He joked and said he was going to the soup kitchen later so he probably won't have it for long. His sense of humor was something else. I wanted to cry not because I pitied him, but because I admired his strength to keep living despite his circumstances. He made me think of my father who abused drugs and overdosed on heroin. I'm not sure if my father believed in himself, but I knew Timmy (the guy I met) did.

I think he was taken aback that I even approached him to speak, but I could careless about him being homeless. That doesn't define ones character. He had such a beautiful soul. After I gave him the necklace he thanked me, gave me a hug and gave me a flower he made out of palm tree leaves.

I was so thankful to have met him. He inspires me until this day, even without the necklace I think about him and his story encourages me to BELIEVE.




  • I’m ordering a “BELIEVE “ key today 5-9-2018 for my daughter Lesley who just got out of 7 months of recovery and rehab!! Cause I “BELIEVE” with Gods will and grace and her determination she has got this!!

    Sonya on

  • I am very thankful for the beautiful grandchildren our daughter in law has birthed. Hence I thank her for every heartbeat every chance I get. Seem perfect for Valentines Day.

    Diane Krueger on

  • Lizzy, may we all have a moment in our lives when we step out to touch and care about the lives of another as you did on that fateful day. Your story will always be cherished and I’m honored your shared it.

    Stephanie on

  • I just ordered this today for my daughter (55 yrs old) diagnosed with congestive heart failure ! I chose the word “believe”. Believe that God will see u through this?

    SArahJane on

  • Lizzie I have seen your product posts on Facebook before but never read your story until now, as I was thinking about getting one for my brothers wife. You see, she has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My brother and his family are all very faith based and they are facing this challenge with a courage I frankly do not know I would have. As I type this, I am moved to tears by your story and believe this would be a small, yet meaningful, gesture for her when we are feeling so helpless at this time.
    Thank you for listening and for sharing your story too.

    Ellen RIchmond on

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