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Imprinted Fearless On My Heart

I have wanted to buy a key for years and just never got around to doing so. Two weeks ago I was at a store that happened to have them and wistfully ran my fingers through the keys, reading the words on them. Toward the back, I came across a key that said FEARLESS, and I bought it as fast as I could. I needed that reminder on a daily basis. I wore it a few times but the word stuck with me even when it was at home. Be FEARLESS, and it helped.

Tonight my best friend had a first date and was worried and nervous. She had rushed over to my house because I was having a really hard day and had forgotten a few things in her rushed packing, namely a necklace. When she mentioned needing a necklace, I knew exactly the one to give her: my key. She needed the reminder in that moment and for the rest of the night more than I did. So I happily gave her my necklace and explained the meaning behind it. She loved it. I loved being able to give her that physical reminder. She just texted me saying that it has helped and I couldn't be happier that it did.

Originally I was thinking about keeping it because I loved the reminder, but I think having it for that brief time has imprinted the reminder to be FEARLESS on my heart. I didn't need it anymore. The key had taught me it's lesson and it was just perfect to be able to give it to my best friend.


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