Inherent Strength

I saw a story about The Giving Keys and searched the website... reading others stories... and after I stopped crying, I realized my best friend Emmi needed the Strength Key given to her.

Emmi has always been strong... but right now she is questioning that strength.

Since childhood she helped her mother, who has epilepsy and severe depression. 

She helped her father in high school, when his health declined and he had to take medical retirement. This same father she had to plan a memorial service for when he passed in her 20's. She helped her mother move on in life after her fathers death and helped her move to a new town to start a new life. 

Emmi was there for me in college when I was ready to give up on everything and just run away, because I felt I wasn't good enough to be in college. She sent me inspirational notes daily and always made sure I felt like I had a friend and a home during the holidays, after my parents nasty divorce. 

Emmi always seems to be the rock everyone leans on because of this inherent strength that seems to shine from her. 

A week ago Emmi called me and told me she was scared as she cried to me on the phone. Emmi NEVER CRIES....

She just found out that she has PCOS and that is why she has had such an extreme weight gain, swelling, hair loss, mood changes, and extreme exhaustion for the last month.  

She is terrified that she will never have a husband to love her because now she can never have children due to PCOS and other medical issues. She can never rebuild the family she feels she lost with her fathers death. 

Emmi will receive the strength key so she can finally have something to remind her how strong she already is and that God will guide her and give her the strength to face her fears and she will find a way to have the family she so desperately prays for.

Please be strong for yourself Emmi, as you have spent so much time being strong for those around you.