Inspire Others To Inspire Others

I've been put through a series of serious hardships in my life only to realize that they were placed there for a reason- to help others in always seeing the good in people, in their own struggles, and in life. My negatives always became positives. I spent a lot of time volunteering abroad on service trips and knew that the Peace Corps was my next journey.

Before leaving, I became exceptionally close to a previous co-worker- one with as beautiful a heart as his mind and he quickly became a best friend. He was a talented person, who always thought who he was wasn't enough. He, too, faced some obstacles in life, but instead of embracing them, he let them each take a piece of him that it didn't deserve to. He told me that I inspired him, but really, he inspired me. He inspired me to be better, without even acknowledging how much so. Knowing that I couldn't possibly remind him of his greatness everyday while serving thousands of miles away in Kosovo, I knew that my "Inspire" key (which he knew meant so much to me) would serve as that reminder- the reminder that he is able and that he can and will inspire others to inspire others. Because anyone can. Because I know he will.


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