Inspired to Rise

My wife got me the Giving Key that says Rise as a Christmas gift in 2015. I was on the Rise in my career and kept pushing through hard times. We were happy, and our baby girl was eleven months old at that time. But we were low in money. I am an actor, so my jobs vary. I took the necklace with gratitude and prayed on the word. It became my mantra. I wanted to RISE as a Father, Husband, Friend, Human Being, Actor...
A few months later I booked my first series, called "Six," a new military drama on the History Channel. This has forever changed my life for the better! 
I am now giving my RISE key to a dear friend who I feel could use it for his personal life and career. I am looking forward to sharing a gift that inspired and lifted me. 
My new key says BREATHE. I'm starting 2017 with a new show coming out about the loving challenges of a two-year-old toddler – BREATHE it is!
Thank you for making these Giving Keys. They are truly inspiring and amazing gifts!