Inspiring Me To Live With Joy

When I received the Inspire Key from my dear friend Stephanie, I was beyond touched and inspired. To be able to inspire anyone, let alone my wonderful friend, is such an honor and truly fills my heart. And then to get to gift this beautiful present forward to someone that inspires me just tickles me so. I sat with the gift for some time, as I really wanted to choose the right recipient.

When I think about people that I know personally who truly are an inspiration to me, my dear friend Killy comes to mind. Killy is an incredible woman: she has always forged her own path, she has the strength and fortitude to live her life on her terms, and the courage to stand up to anyone who tried to fit her in a box. Killy raised an incredible young man on her own, stood up to family and conventions in a way I so deeply relate to, but perhaps what is most fascinating to me about my dear friend is that despite all her challenges and struggles in life, Killy always finds the joy inside of herself and truly lives with gusto. Killy has taught me so many things. Killy has taught me how to stand up to my family with grace and dignity. Killy has modeled to me what it means to be a conscious, loving and firm mother. Killy has shown me what it means to be a loving, compassionate and understanding wife. But perhaps the thing I have found most valuable in getting to know my dear friend is that Killy lives from her heart. She knows how to value herself and her happiness. It is for these reasons that I choose to give the Inspire Key to my wonderful and dear friend Killy. Thank you, my friend, for inspiring me to live a joyful, powerful, strong and happy life.


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