It Did Bring Me PEACE

I met my husband in 1992, we married in 1994, had boy/girl twins in 1998. In late 201,3 my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. During his battle with cancer, I had joined a non-profit (non-cancer related) and met a wonderful group of people. We instantly bonded and became friends. Sadly my husband passed away Jan 30th, 2016.

During the visitation at the funeral home, I was surrounded by a lot of those wonderful friends. One of them presented me with a box, I didn't open it right away. Our daughter was having her second knee surgery the next morning at 6 am, my father-in-law was in town, and I was busy planning my husbands celebration of life. Days later I opened the box and was overcome with emotion. A gift so precious and meaningful had been shared with me. A key, stamped with the word PEACE.

On Feb 12th (what would have been my husband's 53rd birthday), I wore that bracelet proudly as we celebrated his life. Tomorrow, Jan 28th, I will be attending another celebration of life. It's for the father of one of those friends who I became very close with. He also passed away after fighting his battle with cancer.

Two years ago that bracelet was given to me and it did bring me PEACE. Tomorrow I will give it to my friend's mother and I hope that it brings her some PEACE as well. I hope that she is able to keep it for a long time before passing it along to someone else ♡


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